Kit and Jason Pre wedding HK

Kit and Jason had been taken the pre wedding photo in Phuket Thailand before.

This is their second time to take these photo,

but the difference is~~~~they back to their city, Hong Kong.

Sometimes, some of the customers will ask: ‘Where can I take photos in Hong Kong?

Everywhere is people, people and people.Do you have overseas pre wedding plan?

I would like to have some special, unique and difference wedding photo’

Now, we can show you.

We took these pictures in Central, the heart of Hong Kong, mixed of commercial and historical district.

It is a nice place. It mixed with both west and eastern style.

We all think that we made a good decision to took these wedding photos here.

Thanks to Kit and Jason, we both have a nice moment.

Photos taken by Sue

Edited by Sue

Makeup and hairdo by Shirley

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The puppies are really so cute.


March 23 is National Puppy Day!  This unholiday is the perfect day to admire the ephemeral cuteness of puppies, and by admire I mean click through online photo galleries.  Here are a few puppy pictures (with a gallery link in the caption) to get you started:

Here is my own contribution, a pic of my spaniel when she was 4 months old:

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Infant Photo- Ching

We will start to throw into infant photography later on.

So, one of our clients knew our direction and had interested to take a set photos for her new born baby—Ching.

This little girl is 4 months old now.

She is so sweet and love to bite her little finger.

Took a set of photo for baby was not so easy,

sometimes she will fall asleep,

sometimes she will feel hungry,

sometimes she will unhappy,

sometimes she will laugh and smile….

But luckily, we have patience…….haha!

That’s what I want to say.

Please kindly feel free to contact us. Thx!


Pleased can took photos with babies!!

All photos were taken and edited by Sue@desproduction


Veronise’s portrait before her wedding

It’s good to took these shots with Veronise in HK.

She is active and like to try.

Her wedding is coming soon, she would like to have her own special photos.

And we provide this service especially for her.

My customer! If you have any interest for this kind of portrait,

please let us know.